• Agreement Of Defense Cooperation Spain

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    It functionally depends on the Directorate General of Arms and Security (DGAM) for all aspects related to bilateral defence cooperation, channelling bilateral relations with the US authorities responsible for international defence cooperation. 2. The terms of participation covered by Article 18, paragraph 1, and the procedures for exchanging finite information are defined in mutually agreed agreements. Similarly, Spanish liaison officers may be deployed between the orders of the United States and Spain, if both parties agree. The State Department extends its compliments to the U.S. Embassy and has the honor of confirming the receipt of Verbal Note Number 146 and confirming its content agreement. Facilitates industrial cooperation between the governments of the United States, Spain and industry through cooperative programs, RD-A, Engineer and Scientist Exchange MoU, Data Exchange Agreement Annexes; Research, development, testing and evaluation and U.S.-Spanish industrial cooperation. In addition, it serves as a point of contact for U.S. defense industry representatives seeking better understanding and access to the Spanish defence industry and provides guidance on U.S. and Spanish export licensing requirements. 3. In accordance with Article 2, paragraph 2 of this agreement, appropriate arrangements are made by mutual agreement between the United States Navy authorities and the Spanish Navy regarding the safety of submarine navigation.

    The letter was signed by Turkish Defence Minister Nurettin Canikli and Spanish Defence Minister Maria Dolores de Cospedal Garcia after a NATO meeting between member states` defence ministers in Brussels. 3. Local workers are Spanish nationals who have been instructed by the Ministry of Defence to provide services to IDAS. With the exception of third-country nationals currently employed under previous agreements, non-euemployment cannot be recruited from operating and assistance facilities unless qualified Spanish staff are not available. The head, ODC Spain, is president of the U.S. Section of the Permanent Committee (PC), the governing body that defines the framework for bilateral military cooperation between the United States.