• Celgene Enters Into Co-Development Agreement With Medimmune

    Posted on September 14, 2021 by in Allgemein

    AG-221 and AG-881 remain part of Agios` overall strategic cooperation with Celgene Corporation and there are no changes in these programs. In accordance with the 2010 agreement, Celgene has worldwide development and commercialization rights for AG-221 (CC-90007). Agios continues to perform clinical development activities under the AG 221 development program and is entitled to receive payments of up to US$95 million on each net sales in the event of a breach of certain limits and royalties. For AG-881, the companies have a common global development and 50/50 profit sharing, and Agios is entitled to receive regulatory milestone payments of up to $70 million. Phase III studies are underway to evaluate durvalumab monotherapy (PEARL, MYSTIC, ARCTIC, PACIFIC) or in combination with tremelimumab (MYSTIC, NEPTUNE, ARCTIC) in the first line (PEARL, MYSTIC, NEPTUNE), second-line (PACIFIC) or arctic (ARCTIC) parameters in CNPC. The ADJUVANT, Lung Master Protocol and ATLANTIC studies as well as those in section 2.3.2 (Study 1108, {„type“: „clinical-trial“, „attrs“:{„text“:“NCT02000947″, „term_id“:“NCT02000947}}NCT02000947, {„type“:“clinical-trial“,“attrs“: {„text“: „NCT02088112“, „term_id“: „NCT02088112}}NCT02088112) are also ongoing. In addition, AstraZeneca conducted a Phase III study (POSEIDON); {„type“:“clinical-trial“, „attrs“: {`text“: „NCT03164616“, „term_id“:“NCT03164616}} NCT03164616) to evaluate the addition of durvalumab plus tremelimumab to the standard of care in patients with metastatic CNPC.