• Croydon Council Flexible Tenancy Agreement

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    Normally, you have 28 days to complete the audit. If you do not complete the assessment within this time frame, your tenancy agreement may not be renewed and you may lose your current home. Most importantly, the NST contains some mandatory information that may be inappropriate. The NST states that the Housing Act of 1985 „does not eliminate the need for your lessor to sue under [a readmission or forfeiture provision] and does not infringe their right to exemption from reintroduction or forfeiture.“ This formulation of the NST, which was developed prior to the introduction of the flexible rental system, is probably inappropriate. Parliament`s intention was certainly that the safe flexible rental system, as in the case of a secure periodic rental scheme, would replace common property channels with a simple, understandable and use system. Parliament`s intention was certainly not to create another obstacle (the need to lose a lease) in the manner of municipal landlords who put possession of flexible tenants who have broken their tenancy conditions. On this basis, the text of the NST is therefore inappropriate. On May 25, 2015, the applicant granted the defendant a flexible five-year flexible tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement contained a number of indications of possible eviction and possession orders, including the assertion that the lessor „may also take eviction action at any time“ if the tenant has violated the lease or caused a nuisance or nuisance, and that the landlord does not condone anti-social behaviour and „will take the measures we deem appropriate.“ Second, a fixed-term lease, since it is possible to terminate a term limit determined by obtaining and executing a warrant of possession, must also assume that a fixed-term lease can be terminated if terminated by the lessor who issues a property order in accordance with S.84. It is quite artificial – and certainly not what is said in point 82 (1) (b) – that termination, contrary to the law, is done by a commobn method. Croydon cannot say that they were not warned. Andrew Dymond (now 4-5 Grays Inn Square) wrote an article about it in the Journal of Housing Law in 2014.

    We made two contributions, one in 2014 and the other in 2015, based on Andrew`s article. (Hence the title). The basic idea was that a lease for a flexible rent – temporary – safe – required an expiration clause. „The attached notification is without prejudice to the (owner`s) argument that there is no need to end your rent by adding a condition of return or forfeiture. We appreciate that the first point of Section 2 suggests something different, but (the landlord) feels that these words are now obsolete in the 1987 communication, given the flexible rental system provided by the Localism Act 2011, which applies to your rent. „Security of the mandate. (1) The lessor may only terminate the lessor if it is mentioned in paragraph 1A. (1 BIS) The lease agreement may be terminated by the lessor – a) obtained – (i) an order from the jurisdiction of the property`s property and (ii) the enforcement of the order; (b) obtains an order under the subsection (3) or c) a decision to decommission in accordance with Section 82A. (2) In the case mentioned in subsection (1A) a), the rent ends when the contract is executed. 3.

    If a secure lease is a fixed-term lease, but with a provision for reintroduction or forfeiture, the court does not order possession of the building in accordance with this provision, but in a case where the court has issued such an order, it makes an order that gave the lease on a date and section 86 (periodic tenancy contract). , which results from the expiry of the temporary period).