• Facility Agreement Traduzione

    Posted on Dezember 8, 2020 by in Allgemein

    In particular, the Facility Manager continues to manage buildings and their systems and services (electricity, gas, plumbing, lighting, cleaning, catering, concierge, order, etc.). Facility Management can sometimes be outsourced by the company, but not always. In all this, the processes and logics of facility management play a key role, which are called upon to meet the growing needs of climate adaptation. B, for example, in the management of work environments and the management of temperature-related conditions, with the facility still playing an essential role in managing energy efficiency issues. which, in turn, are affected by climate change. Third, and certainly above all, the issue of safety, which in turn needs to be rethought to deal with the effects of certain climate phenomena on the workplace. The theme of energy is also becoming more important in many respects, both in terms of resource management and energy savings issues (as has long been the case in companies and organizations) and in the direction of reorganizing organizations and environments based on a different relationship with energy issues. Buildings are one of the main culprits for energy consumption and not just climate issues. This consumption must be directly linked to the evolution of climate change, the change in mentality in the management of spaces must range from a complete reading of both the use of the environment: consumption related to its use and its management according to changing climatic conditions outside the environment itself. Digital innovation is making the role of facility management increasingly important in the development and implementation of smart or smart construction projects and smart infrastructure.

    New perspectives for service delivery cannot be traced without profodno participation from the Facility Manager, which aims to give an overview of the buildings, spaces, needs, criticisms and dynamics that characterize the needs of those who live in these spaces. In particular, digital technology is changing the relationship between the four major subjects who live our relationship with the environments in which we work, or that allow us to access the services we need: Facility Management is a work function within the company whose mission is to manage and coordinate the position so that the staff is functional and „comfortable“. and also helps to pursue the company`s main objectives. The Facility Manager is the chief operating officer who is specifically responsible for the management of the facilities (establishments). The Facility Manager performs the following activities: We can say that while the quality of life depends on the quality of the environments in which we spend our time at work, transportation, access to services, we can say that much of the quality of our life depends on the innovative capacity of the world. Large companies, in particular, can choose their own building, all for their employees, with a Facility Manager being recruited directly by the company.