• Rolling Meadows Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Posted on Oktober 5, 2021 by in Allgemein

    Rolling Meadows aldermen have approved collective agreements with two new workers` unions representing managers, accountants, inspectors, public works employees and other employees. The agreements provide for annual increases of 2.5%. Daily Herald File Photo, 2014 Under both agreements, employees must make more records in their health insurance than in the past. They now pay 13 percent of the insurance costs, and it will rise to 14 percent in December. The three-year agreement with the Rolling Meadows Police Association, which represents officers, sergeants and commanders, will begin on January 1, 2019 and continue until December 31, 2021. The agreement provides for annual wage increases of 2.5%, reflecting the agreement reached by aldermen on 27 November with firefighters/paramedics and lieutenants, and for the first time in July with two workers` unions, including secretaries, inspectors and public works employees. The lowest position paid under contracts is the typist with 41,689 $US per year. The best-paid inspector earns $US 93,057. A total of 57 staff members are covered by the two treaties ratified by members and approved on July 10 by 4 votes to 1 of the city council. Alderman Mike Cannon voted „no“ to both treaties, but did not comment on them publicly. Prior to unionization, employees were covered by a municipal manual that set out rules of conduct, discipline, complaints, complaints, appeals, compensation and employee benefits.

    The new contracts have similar provisions, but a union administrator can now be present at disciplinary meetings and complaints. Employees are also entitled to additional remuneration if they have at least an associated degree or additional certifications. Those who do not participate in the education incentive plan can receive a longevity payment after at least 10 years of service. Officers at Rolling Meadows have approved a new contract that covers police officers, sergeants and commanders…