• Sale Purchase Agreement Equipment

    Posted on Oktober 5, 2021 by in Allgemein

    CONTRACT FOR THE SALE OF EQUIPMENT This contract is concluded and between th, then seller and q, then buyer for the purposes indicated. For $10 ($10.00) and other valuable considerations, whose receipt and suitability are truly recognized, are signed in order to enter into a genuine agreement, enter into a contract and agree as follows: 1. AGREEMENT: The Seller sells, transfers and transfers to the Buyer all rights, rights and interests to the Buyer and not to the machinery, equipment and other personal property. DELIVERY AND RECEIPT: Once the buyer has accepted the equipment whose acceptance is to be taken into possession by the seller, this consent must acknowledge that the equipment is in good condition and in good condition and that the buyer is satisfied with it and that the seller has not given any explicit or implied assurance or warranty regarding this equipment. Customer Agrees to Acquire from Seller: This Device Purchase Agreement (the „Agreement“) is entered into and effective by and between Dip Satellites, LLC, a limited liability company in California („Seller“) and NMG Cathedral City, LLC, a California limited liability company („Buyer“).