• Sales And Purchase Agreement Crude Oil

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    E. Force majeure: with the exception of underpayment, each party is exempt from liability for non-performance of this impairment for the duration and to the extent that such failure is caused by war, unrest, uprisings, fires, explosions, sabotage, strikes and other labour or labour disorders, acts of God or elements , laws, ordinances or claims that act to promote the International Energy Program. , interruption or failure of production or transportation facilities, delays in receiving and delivering crude oil offered by the pipeline operator, or in other cases, similar or not, outside the control of that part. These performance defects are corrected by all appropriate shipments, but neither party is required to provide replacement quantities from other sources of supply. Non-performance due to events of force majeure does not extend the terms of this agreement. G. Financial liability: Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this contract, the seller may, if the seller deems it reasonably necessary, request at any time, by written notification to the purchaser, a satisfactory prepayment or guarantee in the form or letter of credit at the buyer`s expense in a form and bank acceptable to the seller, in order to cover all or all crude oil deliveries. If the buyer does not forward the accused on the date indicated in the Seller`s press release in this section, the seller or buyer may terminate the contract without delay. However, if a lease of approval is required in accordance with the specific provisions of this Agreement and the purchaser does not provide for it, the seller can only terminate that contract immediately. Under no circumstances is the seller required to plan or deliver the delivery of crude oil until this accreditor is acceptable to the seller. 3.

    If a party does not supply or accept the delivery of the contract volume for a month of imbalance due to a force majeure event, if the volume of imbalance has not been delivered before the end of the second calendar month following that of the imbalance and if no other solution of the imbalance volume between the contracting parties has been agreed , in the third month following the balancing month, the subcontractor and the other part deliver a high amount of crude oil. , and this delivery must be of the same type of crude oil and (except as shown in section J(4) below) at the same price as the crude oil received by the delivery portion during the balancing month. A. Measurements and tests: all measurements below must be made from static gauges at 100% of the refuelling table or by positive displacement indicators. All measurements and tests must be carried out in accordance with the latest ASTM or ASME (Code Meter petroleum) methods, which are then in effect, depending on the application. Volume and gravity are adjusted to 60 degrees Fahrenheit by the use of the D1250 oil measurement tables, Table 6A and 5A.