• Senior Debt Agreement

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    A federal oversight body has also been set up to manage Puerto Rico`s finances. The general bond (GO) is a class of debt that the U.S. has not defaulted in decades. Unlike municipalities, Puerto Rico is not covered by the bankruptcy laws referred to in Chapter 9. Secured priority debt securities are secured by an asset that has been mortgaged as collateral. For example, lenders may place deposits on equipment, vehicles or homes when granting credit. If the loan is in default, the asset can be sold to cover the debt. Conversely, unsecured debts are not secured by a collateral asset. When a company becomes insolvent, holders of unsecured debt claim the general assets of the company. As the chart below shows, financing the business with priority debt represents the lowest risk and highest repayment priority for the lender over other types of debt.

    Bondholders, usually bondholders and banks, are entitled to reimbursement to shareholders if the company is bankrupt and liquidated. In the event of a breach of a Covenant debt, the lender can do several things depending on its severity: therefore, when a company goes bankrupt, the priority claims are paid first. All other debts are subordinated (junior). Secured debt-backed assets may be sold to repay secured debts as a priority. Priority unsecured debts are then paid with other corporate assets. If there are any remaining assets, the subordinated debts are paid. For this reason, subordinated creditors may lose some or all of the principal and interest payments due to them. Covenants can sometimes be painful. However, they are available to set up a conversation between the lender and the borrower and may indicate at an early stage that changes need to be made either within the company or within the credit agreement, in order to support the long-term success of both the lender and the borrower. Senior Debt or a senior rating is the money owed by a company that has the first right to the company`s cash flow.

    It is safer than any other debt, such as.B subordinated debt (also known as subordinated debt), given that priority debt is usually secured by assets. This means that the lender will be granted a first pledge on the company`s property, plant and equipment (PP&E) PP&E (Property, Plant and Equipment) is one of the main long-term assets on the balance sheet. PP&E is affected by investments, depreciation and acquisitions/disposals of fixed assets. These assets play a key role in financial planning and analysis of a company`s activities and future expenses in case the company fails to meet its repayment obligations. In July 2016, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, Governor of Puerto Rico, announced that Puerto Rico would be behind with $779 million in constitutionally secured general bonds, its highest debt. The Commonwealth had focused on covering the services needed by its citizens rather than paying its debts. The previous month, President Barack Obama signed legislation providing for a debt restructuring process that ended all disputes arising from default.