• The Four Agreements Miguel Ruiz Summary

    Posted on April 13, 2021 by in Allgemein

    Don Miguel Ruiz`s four agreements are a self-help book and I am learning a lot. I appreciate your efforts, you write summary in the right style. Thanks for sharing. Excellent summary. I, too, had the impression that the book echoes you a little on the „how“ recipe. The way I rationalized it reflected on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry`s quote: „If you want to build a boat, don`t gather men and women to collect wood, share work and give orders. Instead, you will teach them to aspire to the distant and endless sea.“ If the goal was to create the most powerful dense work to move people, focus on why to the exclusion of how was the right approach. Anyway, well summarized! Based on all these ideas, Don Miguel has launched four clear messages to implement. Thank you, Danyal. It is becoming more and more difficult to summarize books like The Four Agreements. I read and read The Power of Now several times and thought about how I was going to do it in a summary.

    „There is only one agreement left, but it is one that allows the other three to become entrenched habits. The fourth agreement is about the action of the first three: always do your best. We learn how to act and what we should believe and accept as normal. Ruiz says we should ask ourselves why we accept them and live because we have not chosen these rules and agreements. Why not try to break one of the hundreds or thousands of agreements you have now? Maybe you`re thinking you`re not good at painting — break the watercolors and have fun creating something. By gradually continuing the process, you can change things gradually for the better. Doing their best does not mean doing what is physically possible. This means doing the best you can manage individually, which can vary depending on the situation and your current circumstances. One way to do your best is to incorporate the previous three chords into your daily life. If you do, you can avoid feelings of regret and accept that people do their best at all times. They will come to enjoy the action instead of just taking advantage of the rewards associated with actions.

    Similarly, Don Miguel suggests that we should work hard, because it makes us happy and not an external motivation. Don Miguel gives an example of salary. If the main motivation in our work is money, we will never do our best. In addition, we will be stuck in jobs that pay well, but we lack fulfillment and joy. Because of the lack of fulfillment in their work, these people will then spend their weekends partying, drinking and doing other things that harm their lives. Although it wasn`t perfect, it inspired millions of people to become stronger and healthier. Personally, his films were also a big part of my childhood. If you want more knowledge of how Arnold thinks, take a look at our summary of his totally autobiography Recall. He`s a very inspiring guy.

    In this book, he says: „My definition of life is to always have excitement; It`s the difference between life and life. I think that many of us in our work can fall into the opposite precise attitude of doing the minimum necessary not to get fired. His posts among the first two can be summed up as follows: „Be aware of the chords that dictate your reality and have the discipline to change it.“ You could get a little more out of his writing, but not much. Unfortunately, its indications do not go far beyond a well-designed „Just do it“. Best news: On this page, you can read some of the best lessons I`ve learned from The Four Agreements in a quick fun summary! Let`s start with the first lesson… The forgiveness that binds Don Miguel to Demindiz is to forgive our past and our persistent failures to compromises that we still have. It is also forgiveness to suffer ourselves and our fellow human beings because of our accepted illusions. And forgiveness for the suffering that others produce because of their dreams.