• Tru Articulation Agreement

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    Following the Stenberg Cardiology Technologist program, students have the opportunity to obtain a bachelor`s degree in health sciences from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Open Learning, with which Stenberg College has a joint agreement and is qualified for up to 48 PLAR credits (lower level). For information on the agreements that are available to all Ontario colleges, visit: ONTransfer Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley and Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in Kamloops, British Columbia, have signed a articulation agreement that allows students in Algonquin`s adventure and adventure programs to continue to assert themselves in the 4-year bachelor`s degree in tourism management. This agreement allows Stenberg graduates to turn their degree into a diploma after obtaining a bachelor`s degree in health sciences from THE TRU. TRU has transfer contracts with dozens of partner institutions and organizations across Canada. These allow you to take your latest registration information and directors up to a TRU diploma with transfer credits or plar. PLAR (prior learning assessment and recognition) is a formalized way to recognize your work experience. If the courses you took have not been previously evaluated by TRU, you can be contacted by the transfer credit team to provide detailed information on these courses. For course sketches in a language other than English or French, please indicate certified translations. Olds College Program of Study: Business Management Certificate and Business Management diploma – General Management majorInstitution of Agreement Program: Business programsNotes: diploma of the equivalent of one semester of university (s) is provided full recognition for the corresponding courses within the institutions in the agreement. Please read our program articulation agreements below for more information.

    Dr David Twynam, TRU Dean of the School of Tourism, said: „This agreement is a natural and logical step to provide students with more opportunities to continue their training and meet the needs of tourism employers across the country. TRU has been a national leader in creating scales between higher education and university programs, in order to directly meet the needs of graduates capable of bringing a greater combination of practical experience and academic qualifications to the higher education level. Vancouver Career College is pleased to announce with Thompson Rivers University („TRU“) a new articulation agreement between October 23, 2020 and July 31, 2021. Olds College has developed agreements with other educational institutions to allow the transition to Olds College or another institution to continue your training. These formal agreements can facilitate the transition from one educational institution to another. The agreements do not guarantee the admission of students, but indicate the number of credits transferred from one university to another. This reduces completion time and costs. Under the agreement, eligible graduates of Algonquin`s 2-year outdoor adventure program obtain direct entry into the third year of the TRU diploma, which offers majors in adventure tourism and entrepreneurship. Graduates of the 1/2-year-old Adventure Naturalist Algonquin Diploma Program can enter the second year of the program with up to 51 credits. „We are very pleased to have developed this articulation agreement with TRU, which has made a name for itself in Western Canada as a pioneer in post-secondary training in adventure tourism,“ said Murray Kyte, Algonquin`s Chair of Business, Technology and Outdoor Training. Our collaboration with TRU began when we planned the launch of our Outdoor Adventure program in 1999, and this new agreement strengthens our relationship and will benefit our students for many years to come. Olds College Program of Study: Agricultural Management diplomaInstitution of Agreement Program: Indigenous Agriculture certificateNotes: Red Crow students who complete the 30 credit Indigenous Certificate Program with a GPA of 2.5 and meet the admission requirements to the Olds College program, may beigible for admission to second year of the Agricultural Management diploma program.