• Unmiss Status Of Forces Agreement

    Posted on Dezember 19, 2020 by in Allgemein

    In this context, MANSUS` action remains essential to ensure the protection of civilians who are in shelters, but also outside of you. I would like to remind you that MANSUS must be able to move freely to fulfil its mandate. In this context, full compliance with the provisions relating to the status of the armed forces must be guaranteed. „We will mobilize and educate our people to understand this agreement between us and the mandate of the mission,“ he said. „This agreement between us is very important because it governs the work between the government of the Republic of South Sudan and the United Nations,“ the minister said. „And it organizes the relationship between the various government institutions and UNMISS.“ The Agreement also obliged UNAMAS to cooperate impartially and with integrity in fulfilling its mandate as defined in the Security Council resolution. In addition, UNMIS must ensure that United Nations personnel fully comply with South Sudan`s laws and regulations, with due consideration of functional immunity and the procedures agreed in the Agreement. France calls on the transitional government to resolutely continue its efforts towards the implementation of the revived agreement. The agreement on the appointment of governor and state positions on 17 June and the appointment of almost all of them are important advances. These measures must be followed by the appointment of the Governor of the Upper Nile and the Constitution of the Transitional National Assembly.

    France reminds us that the full participation of women and young people must be effective and meaningful in this regard. In addition, the killings of aid workers in Jugle, central Equatoria and lakes are intolerable and must be investigated to relentlessly combat impunity for such acts. I welcome the response capacity of UNAMAS, which has announced the creation of temporary bases in Lobonok County in response to further armed attacks on civilians and humanitarian convoys. The protection of the civilian population, including humanitarian and medical personnel, must be a top priority. Regarding the declaration of the sofa commitments of both parties – South Sudan and UNMISS – Ms Johnson said: „The Government of South Sudan has agreed to implement the Conventions on Privileges and Immunities for All United Nations (Missions) with regard to UN personnel in the country.“ The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) today signed an agreement with its host government on the Status of the Armed Forces (SOFA) to advance their legal work in accordance with international treaties. Deng Alor, South Sudan`s Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said the signing of SOFA was an important step and called on all government institutions and public opinion to cooperate fully with the new mission to bring about peace and stability. Concrete progress must also be made on the other chapters of the transition, notably in the reform of the security sector and the fight against impunity through the creation of a hybrid court, but also with full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all citizens. Without justice and good governance, there can be no lasting peace.

    The UN Special Representative for the Secretary-General and Head of UNOS, Hilde F. Johnson, said the mission`s sole responsibility was to support and cooperate with South Sudan, „unlike the previous UN mission, which was mandated to oversee the implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement.“