• Unsplash User Agreement

    Posted on April 14, 2021 by in Allgemein

    While the Unsplash license cannot be revoked even for photos already uploaded by Unsplash, we allow Unsplash contributors to stop their photo from being released, which is not possible if the photo is posted on other sites without the user`s permission. There are very few public places where people are unable to close their accounts or withdraw their content to some extent, and we want Unsplash to follow that out of respect for our contributors. Similarly, websites that redistribute photos through crawling and mass composition techniques, either without credit or creating fake accounts for contributors with their name and personal information without permission. Some download the whole library and distribute it for profit, which, so far, is something we can`t turn to. The mass compilation of Unsplash photos to create a similar service has also created legal problems that confuse open creative use. If a photo of Unsplash is copied to another site, but later removed by unsplash (z.B. if a copyright complaint is filed or if it does not meet our terms of use), the photo will continue to be distributed on other platforms, which could cause legal problems for photographers and creators. Finally, websites that duplicate and compile photos of Unsplash en masse refer to unsplash assistance and legal problems, while continuing to redistribute photos that can be deleted on Unsplash. This undermines the Community`s confidence in Unsplash by creating support and legal affairs that we cannot control and increases our costs of support and justice in an unsustainable way. Creativity should be open and those who contribute to it should be celebrated. This part of the Unsplash license ensures that we can continue to do our best to accomplish this mission.

    @unsplash What prompted you to change the license? It is no longer GPL compatible, many topics @WordPress will be affected. Cc: @jeffr0 law in force. If you reside in the United States or another country outside of Canada, the United Kingdom or the European Union, our agreement is subject to the laws of New York, in accordance with these conditions, regardless of the principles of the law of conflict law. If an action is admissible under these conditions, you and we agree with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts of New York County, New York. In addition, we may terminate your account on the service or suspend or cancel your access to the Service at any time (with or without notice) without any liability to you. You can terminate your account in the service in unsplash.com/account/close. The unsplash license does not contain any clause against the redistribution of individual photos. It`s the whole collection of photos that has..

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