• Usd 480 Negotiated Agreement

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    „school resource manager,“ a police officer or police officer employed by a local police department and assigned to a district by an agreement between local and district police. The Board of Directors reviews the resignation of a certified staff member, who is presented in writing to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may accept the resignations of contract staff if the resignation is in the best interest of the borough and if these resignations are accompanied by the full payment of all applicable liquidated damages that are due to the Board of Directors for the release of the contract in accordance with the negotiated contract. The regular presence of all workers dependent on leave is necessary, if any, in district policy or in the negotiated contract. Excessive absences or delays, unauthorized leave or inexcusable absences may result in disciplinary action, including termination of the employment relationship. Wage deductions are made if they are authorized by board policy, negotiated agreement or, if necessary, or by law. The borough must meet the basic salary requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Each board member will complete the evaluation form, and then the board as a whole will verify each member`s opinion and agree on a final assessment to be given to the superintendent. The Board of Directors may define other pedagogical tasks that may go beyond the school day or that are the time of the meeting. Compensation for these awards, if any, is indicated in the negotiated agreement. Employees can file a complaint with their supervisor about a school rule, regulation, policy or decision about the employee. The appeal must be filed in writing, filed within 10 days of the offending event and the basis of the complaint. The supervision meets with the worker and responds in writing within ten (10) days.

    If the employee disagrees with the decision, the employee can contact the superintendent. The superintendent`s decision is final. Workers covered by the negotiated agreement follow the procedures described in this document. An application for the use of school equipment is only made when the applicant executes a user contract stating that the person agrees to pay the fair value of the district for all devices that have been lost, stolen or have suffered irreparable damage. For the purposes of this directive, „irreparable damage“ includes damage so severe that the cost of repairing these devices would be greater than the fair value of the equipment. If school equipment is returned damaged, which goes beyond the normal wear and tear of the authorized use, the costs of repairing such equipment are the responsibility of the applicant. The borough can also request the purchase of insurance. Before applying sanctions under this directive, employees are entitled to all royalty rights to which they are entitled under their contracts or the provisions of the Kansas Law.

    Nothing in this policy should restrict the right of the borough to other disciplinary measures. This policy is not intended to alter rights, duties or responsibilities in the agreement currently being negotiated. Unless otherwise stated in the negotiated agreement, paid leave is granted to any employee appointed to the jury`s obligation and this leave is not deducted from paid leave paid by the employee. Any reimbursement obtained for the work done on a jury, the lack of mileage and the necessary costs must be paid to the borough. Implementation of long-term instructions, evaluations or reports, provided that a data exchange agreement between the Education Agency and other state agencies or service providers provides the following elements: all interim or interim agreements are included in a package and submitted for review by the Board of Directors. Full-time workers are credited with paid leave under the terms of the negotiated contract.