• What Are Some Community Agreements

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    After the meeting, the moderator simplifies the language and synthesizes the agreements under thematic headings. Group policies/community agreements can be developed with stories for clarity and understanding. List of common lists of couples or trios. Ask these groups to agree on their top 1-3 agreements in order of priority and rewrite each of them in a single sentence or sentence. You`ll probably need to model this. 4. Visualize your agreement in a place where it is easy to see so that each member of the community can regularly remember what they agree on. You can fall back on it if you feel that your community may not be respecting the agreement, or if you think you follow it very well! Positive reinforcement is a great way to emphasize your approval, so don`t forget to show your appreciation to those in your community who are actively working to follow it. „A consensus on what each person in our group needs each other and commits to each other to feel safe, supported, open, productive and confident. so that we can do our best, realize our common vision and serve our [students/families/voters] well. Group policies/community agreements/safer space policies are created by and for group members who share a particular space, i.e. steering committee/board of directors, subcommittees, community meetings/events.

    Take the time to define what a Community agreement means. Change this definition if it is useful: inequality exists everywhere (like it or not), even in the areas of social justice. Gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, insyabilities, ethnicity and heritage, race, age, size, class and citizenship status are some of the most obvious examples of how people can be marginalized. Whenever people come together as a group, we form both a community and a culture. At the NESAWG conference, we are looking for a respectful, comfortable, open, curious and friendly community and culture. Community agreements help us to find concrete ways to create this culture and to talk about and through conflicts without creating one. With these practices and tools, we can challenge and challenge each other while recognizing that we all come from different places of knowledge and transformation. Group policies and community agreements are reviewed at the beginning of meetings each time a new person joins the meeting. All participants in the conference agreed to adhere to these agreements. Please pay attention to your own actions, be open to observations of your behavior, and be open to sharing comments with others about their actions. There are many ways to involve your team in the process of developing community agreements.

    Take the time to evaluate the factors on the right before designing a process that best suits your group where they are located. These community agreements exist to clarify and articulate the expectations of all members of the NOLOSE community who work together to create a vibrant queer culture and end the oppression of fat people. They were created by the NOLOSE Board of Directors based on feedback and feedback from conference participants and like-minded organizations. Discipline: Team building and community agreementsSet reality: 10+ Estimated time: 20-60 minutes What you need: All the craft materials you want to use. You can be really creative and enjoy what feels most inclusive for the group you`re working with. Do you need little art? Check out the Community Agreement project articles for ideas on how to create a community agreement with your computer or daily household items. Group policies/community agreements are ever-changing working papers and are reviewed and released for change at each second meeting Be aware of the time – enough, let`s move on (ELMO), which means that if what you meant has already been said, don`t say it 2. . .