• Wvsom Affiliation Agreement

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    Other benefits of the national system include the ability for hospitals to recruit students into the residency program; Medical education and specialized directors get to know students on a long-term basis; and students and their families settle in the community and participate in ongoing community projects. Each regional campus offers structured programs for students through small group interactions, lectures, and clinical case conferences. The Statewide Campus program has gained more than 2500 preceptors, helping to provide a stronger infrastructure for clinical and postdoctoral teaching. National campuses are divided into seven geographic regions. Check out our national campus sitemap for more information. Prior to the program, students were scattered across the United States for their clinical placements. Through Regional Assistant Deans and physicians, students receive a stronger clinical rotation experience from these mentors and enhance their learning through personal assessments. WVSOM officials saw the need for a national campus system to ensure students receive the best educational experience, more stable privacy, and more opportunities to complete their residency programs in the state. The goal of the system is similar to WVSOM`s mission to train students who will be inspired to become doctors in rural areas. Studies have shown that nearly 80% of doctors who complete their undergraduate medical training, internship or residency in a state stay in that state to practice medicine. About 60 west Virginia hospitals, clinics, and medical centers participate in the Statewide Campus program. .